Sturm der Liebe in Vagen

Here you will find information and links about the well-known telenovela "Sturm der Liebe", a production of the public broadcaster ARD.

The series is set in and around the "Hotel Fürstenhof". The manor house, or Schloß, in Vagen and its surroundings provide many of the film locations.
The producers have skillfully introduced beautiful landscape pictures between scene changes, many from regions all over Upper Bavaria such as Chiemgau, Tegernsee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen etc..
The scenery here in Vagen in the valley of the small river Mangfall is wonderful, but there is, of course, a big difference between film and reality.

Please note that the hotel is a hotel only in the TV series. In reality, the owners live in the private manor house.

Guided tours of the manor house are not possible!.


Only the owners and the film crew have access to the manor house and its surroundings. During filming, the property is sealed off by a security team.

This means that no overnight accommodation is available in the "Hotel Fürstenhof" (Schloß Vagen).

Vagen is situated in the valley of the river Mangfall, not far from Chiemsee and Tegernsee. It has won prizes as one of the most beautiful villages in the area and belongs to the community of Feldkirchen-Westerham. There is no tourist information office in Vagen.
To find out more about accommodation in and around Schloß Vagen, click on Unterkünfte (accommodation) on the left.




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